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D.I.S.C.O. - Ottawan - 1980

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Ottawan: Biografia | Biography

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Gli Ottawan sono un duo francese di musica pop e disco, che ha segnato l'era con singoli di successo come D.I.S.C.O e Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) nei primi anni 1980.

Il gruppo degli Ottawan è stato fondato nel 1979 da Daniel Vangarde e Jean Kluger, due produttori discografici francesi, ed era composto inizialmente da Jean Patrick Baptiste e 

Annette. Il nome del gruppo venne dato ispirandosi al nome della cittadina del Canada, Ottawa. Kluger e Vangarde avevano ottenuto successi anche con The Gibson Brothers e Sheila, che entrò poi nella formazione delle B. Devotion.

Nel Regno Unito hanno portato due hits nella Top 10, il singolo D.I.S.C.O. (debutto discografico del duo), che ha raggiunto il secondo posto nel settembre del 1980, ed Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart), che ha raggiunto la posizione numero tre un anno più tardi. Lo 

stesso singolo Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) ha raggiunto la prima posizione anche in Nuova Zelanda nel 1982, rimanendovi per otto settimane. In Francia, il loro singolo You're OK (conosciuto in quel paese col titolo T'es OK) è uno dei 50 singoli più venduti di tutti i tempi Il duo ha registrato il pezzo in francese e in inglese.

Jean Patrick Baptiste lasciò il gruppo poco dopo ed ha tentato un ritorno sotto il nome di Pam 'n Pat, però con scarso successo..

La band canadese Sway ha avuto successo nel suo paese nel 1988 riproponendo la cover di Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) degli Ottawan.

The debut of Ottawan and their first performance under this name was in 1979, when an idea crossed the minds of two French producers, who were really popular at the time, Daniek Vangarde and Jean Kluger.

They were going through the songs that they have produced and decided to create a new popular disco music band. They already had some hits in English, recorded at their studio, but what they didn’t have was a special person,with a great personality who could represent 

them on stage in front of the audience. They were looking for a front man, when they accidentaly met Jean-Batiste Patrick at a bar in France. He wasn’t very popular at the time but his songs that he sang in French were filled with new and positive vibes.

After some quick negotiations they agreed that he would be the artist, who would perform their hits for the audience. Later another idea came to their mind. They decided to combine a wonderful male tenor voice with a charming female soprano voice.

ottawan-disco.comShall we talk about the biography of Esther and Robert separately, not taking into account the fact that they created such a nice music band together? I suppose, it is better to remember anecdotal evidences from the creative life of the music band 

Ottawan. All of us remember year 1979 that presented us many famous music projects. It was then, when an German-English music band “Boney M» was at the very rise of their glory, that the two French producers Daniek Vangarde and Jean Kluger decided to 

organize an amazing performance of the artists at a really high level and outshine all the other popular bands. That is how Ottawan was created, with its first members being Jean-Batiste Patrick and Annette, a fantastic dancer and a talented singer.

This exotic duo with its unbelievable vocal parts realized their potential thanks to many concerts of these artists. You may ask us, where did the name “Ottawan” come from? You are right, because it is assonant with the name of the Canadian capital. Here in Ottawa they 

released their first album. Young performers were caught by the local flavour of another continent. It inspired them to create the first successful hit of the music band Ottawan called “D.I.S.C.O.

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