Shanghaied - 'Lectric Funk - 1980 - Disco Music Funk 80s

Shanghaied - 'Lectric Funk - 1980

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JDC Records was an important record distributor during the golden years of dance music (1976–1990). It was originally located in San Pedro, California and owned by Jim and Dale Callon The company name came from their initials, JDC.[1] They distributed world-wide and carried many independent labels.

JDC was known for their "JDC Mixers." Popular DJs such as DJ Pebo would take records from the catalog and create a non-stop dance mix. JDC also had a retail record store in San Pedro. It was managed by Rudy Benavides.

Jim Callon worked closely on production with his UCLA classmate, Charles Lamont of Barking Dog Studios. JDC was also a record label which included a sub-label of hip-hop called Dunk Yer Funk Records which released the electrofunk classic "Velocity, Speed and Force" by VSF (which was produced by J-vibe).

Today, JDC operates out of San Pedro, California, as a one-stop distribution company for all genres of music, specializing in vinyl records, but also offering CDs and cassette tapes.

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