Once more - Taffy - 1986


Once more


Source: Wikipedia

Taffy (born Katherine Quaye, 1963, New York) was an American 1980s Hi-NRG and Italo disco singer, known for her hit, "I Love My Radio".

The song, produced by Claudio Cecchetto, who was also behind all her previous hits in Italy, was released in the United Kingdom by Rhythm King's Transglobal Records (both part of Mute Records in those days) and was originally a hit in Italy in 1985. 

The song's sentiments were about a disc jockey broadcasting in the early hours. However as very few radio stations in the United Kingdom broadcast after midnight in the late 1980s, 

this reference in the record was changed. A re-recorded version called "I Love My Radio (Dee Jay's Radio)" was released instead. This is the version that reached in the UK Singles Chart.

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