He's speedy like Gonzales - The Passengers - 1980 - Disco Music 80s

He's speedy like Gonzales - The Passengers - 1980

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The Passengers: Biografia | Biography

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Passengers (also spelled as I Passengers) is an Italian pop-italo disco musical group, mainly successful in the early eighties. The group formed in 1979, produced by Angelo and Felice Piccaredda and consisting of two male singers (Gesualdo "Kim" Arena, already 

active as a singer from the late 1960s, and Chuck Rolando) and two female vocalists (Mary Shay Collen and Elwanda Contreras). They got their first hits in 1980, with the single "He's Speedy Like Gonzales", which ranked tenth at the Italian hit parade, and with a cover 

version of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". In 1981 and in 1983 they entered the Sanremo Music Festival, respectively with the songs "Midnight" (which peaked at 25th position at the Italian hit parade) and "Movie Star". The group disbanded in 1987.

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