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P. Lion

Happy children

 P. Lion

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P. Lion (Pietro Paolo Pelandi, born on 29/06/1959 in Alzano Lombardo - Italy) is a composer and author launched in dance music market during the Eighties.
The stage name P. Lion comes from the lion who is the family crest .

He began playing and studying piano since the tender age of 5 years and slowly discovered his artistic talent as a composer rather than a virtuoso instrumentalist, attracted by the great emotional and communicative power of music.

The experience in the band DREAM, founded in Alzano Lombardo in the early 70's, along with drummer/percussionist and composer/author Noberto Mosconi, drummer Giovanni 
Marcassoli, guitarist Giorgio Pelliccioli, bassist Stefano Colombelli, keyboardist Massimo 

Berti (hereinafter WishKey) will convince him more and more to focus on writing songs and deepening of technologies, wearing audio recording .

In 1980 passed his exams as a composer and author and entered as registered in SIAE, in which became as Associated in 1990 with the nomination of the President Roman Vlad .
From 1981 to 1983 had been working as a textile chemist at the MCS Urgnano which gave 

him the opportunity to travel, especially across Europe and the USA and by these experiences grew the desire to publish some of the many songs that recorded in his small studio.

In 1983, in the wake of the newly Italo Dance, released his first single "Happy children" produced by David Zambelli (DJ and owner of the record store American Disco in Bergamo) to whom he submitted a "cassette tape" with 3 demo including the harmonic basis of Happy Children.

The record had been realized with Marco Gotti (sax) and Bruno Bergonzi (Simmons drum) at Regson Studio in Milan with the engineer Enzo Maffione. Mixed by Massimo Noé at Baby Studio.

Distributed in Italy by Discomagic, within a few months became one of the unforgettable "Evergreen" dance of the Eighties and was bought by Carrere France at MIDEM 1984 for worldwide distribution.

In 1984 he leaved his job as a textile technician and repeated the success with the second single "Dream", especially in the French market, where his two hits remained for years the soundtrack of the two most important TV musical shows TOP30 and TOP50 .

He lived in France from 1984 to 1986, based in Provence, promoting Radio/TV throughout Europe and performing the songs of the first LP “Springtime”.

After the success of the first album and with the end of the collaboration with the team of David Zambelli, he also became producer of himself and recorded several discomixes as "Believe Me", "Under The Moon" and "You'll never break my heart" with the historic Italian label Durium.

The early Nineties saw P. Lion active and focused on the recording technology and deepening of digital audio in the personal studio of Alzano Lombardo as well as in the one situated in the School of Music CDPM of which he became Vice President.

In 1995 he released his second album, titled "A Step In The Right Way", devoted to his son Edoardo, born in '94, published by FMA and its original publisher Italo Allione.

He has also worked as composer, arranger and producer for several artists including Betty Villani (De nuevo tu) and Tony Sheridan (Colors) as well as consultant of the jazz label “CDPM/Lion”.

The last decade also saw the creation of the label and music publishing Faier Entertainment and DiPaiTon together members Tullio Lanfranchi and Davide Sapienza.

At the end of 2007 he started the design and construction, with the invaluable help and advice of friends and fellow musicians Ugo Passera, Lucio Bianchetti and Roger Rota, the new professional recording studio P. LION Studios in Ranica combining the best of the analog and digital audio technologies.

Precious to the achievement of a unparalleled quality listening the contribution of Maestro Bruno Santori which provides the main monitors and 2 studio recorders from ex DbOne Recording Studio.

Unfortunately on 2012 the “big” studio based on SSL 4000 G Plus was closed due to the general economic and music production crisis. On February 2014 start with a single for the new LP of P. LION Project with the main vocalist Paola Parisi and backing vocal Carlo Baggi. 

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