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Bruce and Bongo


Bruce and Bongo

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Bruce and Bongo were a 1980s Germany-based new wave duo consisting of Bruce Hammond Earlam (born 13 January 1955) and Douglas Wilgrove (born 19 March 1955), both from Britain. The pair are best known internationally for their 1986 hit "Geil", which 

was an immediate hit in Germany, and spending four weeks at No. 1 there. The German word "geil" is used in this context to mean "cool" or "awesome", but translates literally as 

"horny". The song charted in several countries around Europe. The song was released alongside their most successful album, The Geil Album. The duo also promoted a second single, "Hi Ho (Whistle While You Work)", at several events in Germany.

Internationally, Bruce and Bongo are considered to be a one-hit wonder. In 1994, Hammond helped establish a new production company, "How's That" Music, GmbH 

(Germany), which assisted in the creation of several European hits, including the Mark'Oh project. Hammond has also worked on the albums Beyond the Banana Islands and Magic Tour.

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