Touch me (I want your body) - Samantha Fox - 1986

Samantha Fox

Touch me (I want your body)

Samantha Fox

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Samantha Fox nasce a Mile End, in Inghilterra il 15 aprile 1966. Inizia giovanissima una carriera da modella e attrice, diventando famosa come pin up della terza pagina del quotidiano Sun, che la trasforma in una icona. A vent’anni incontra i produttori Stock Aitken 

Waterman e Full Force, grazie ai quali raggiunge il successo con il primo singolo, “Touch me (I want your body”), a cui fanno seguito “Naughty girls (need love too)” e “I wanna have some fun”, che dà il nome all’omonimo album pubblicato nel 1988 (i lavori precedenti sono 

TOUCH ME del 1986 e SAMANTHA FOX dell’anno successivo).
Nel 1991 esce il suo quarto e ultimo album, JUST ONE NIGHT, che però non ottiene consensi positivi; nel 1992 viene realizzata invece la prima raccolta, GREATEST HITS; 

segue 21ST CENTURY FOX, in cui Samantha si propone come co-autrice.
Negli anni Duemila vengono pubblicate diverse versioni di “Touch me (I want your body)”, che viene ripreso sia nel 2004 sia nel 2007, incontrando i consensi di paesi come Svezia e 

Australia. Nel luglio 2008 il sito ufficiale della cantante riporta la notizia dell’uscita del singolo “Midnight lover”, che contiene tracce inedite dell’ultimo lavoro, ANGEL WITH AN ATTITUDE, uscito per la prima volta nel 2005 e ristampata – solo per il mercato australiano – nel 2007.

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Samantha Fox (a stage name) is a New York City girl. Born and raised in the Big Apple, she came under the Broadway influence and studied dance throughout her childhood and teens. These young years of continuous practice resulted in a dancer's taut, slim body, 

which was fashionable at that time. She began dancing professionally before graduating from high school. The exposure led her into the entertainment business, and soon she was co-hosting a New York City television show. After that she began getting small parts in the 

adult film industry. Her break came when she was noticed by porn director/producer Chuck Vincent, who cast her in the starring role of Bad Penny (1978). This established her as a leading-role actress and resulted in her starring in several more adult films. In 1980 she 

won the Erotica Award for her work with Jack Wrangler inI Superporno Fallocrati (1979). The following year she was recognized with the Erotica Award again for her role in Tramp (1980). With these honors she established herself as one of the leading stars in 

adult films of the day, capable of a full range of roles from sweet innocence to hard domination. However, when the adult industry went from shooting on film to shooting on video, Samantha did not come off well. Women with slim, natural bodies like Samantha's 

lost favor with the public, which turned to the larger, silicon-enhanced actresses who became prominent in the late 1980s on into the 1990s. Her integrity preventing her from jumping on that particular bandwagon (her pronounced "Noo Yawk" accent didn't help 

matters, either). Consequently, roles became more and more difficult to find. However, her long-time friendship with Chuck Vincent and a few others in the industry, such as Gloria Leonard and Veronica Hart, brought her numerous small roles and walk-ons in the late 

1980s, but we've seen very little of her since then. Her stage name has resulted in her often being confused with British pop-rock singer Samantha Fox (which is her real name). However, only the name, the suggestive lyrics of several of the singer's recordings and a 

sultry modeling career launch as a Page Three Girl come close to resembling what the actress Samantha Fox has done to forward the human right of self-decision, sexual expression and freedom, acceptance of alternative lifestyles, and offering of love.

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